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February 25, 2018

About Us from a Client Perspective

In my first summer as an adult rider, I began training with Laurel Crown Farms. My intense junior years had worn me out; I had taken a sabbatical from riding, and was ready to re-learn why I loved to ride in the first place. Laura Beth accepted me into her program—one that approaches riding with an emphasis on personal growth. “Ride for yourself, and the ribbons will follow,” Laura Beth says. She has a keen eye for the rider/horse partnership; able to pick out a rider’s strong points and match them to the horses who reflect them. In the same vein, her lessons and summer camp programs are filled with horses and ponies for riders of all ages and abilities.

​ The new facility, located in East Quogue, is an exciting permanent home for Laurel Crown Farms, Laura Beth, and her mother, Carol Lee. Outfitted with an indoor, outdoor, and large grand-prix sized field, along with a multitude of paddocks and stalls, the farm has the ability to create an atmosphere of a calm escape—whether it is from a rider, parent, or horse perspective. Carol Lee is the perfect teacher for beginning riders—she emphasizes the basics of safe horsemanship on and off the ground. This leads to a confidence that is evident in the show ring. Laurel Crown Farms is home to many accolades; not only in Laura Beth’s achievements as a junior rider on the equitation circuit, but with her many successes as a professional. It is evident the farm will also be the future location of many victorious for up-and-coming riders. Whether this success comes from a child rider jumping a cross-rail for the first time in a lesson, or an adult winning in a 3-foot class at the Hampton Classic, Laura Beth and her staff support her students every step of the way.

It was hard for me to accept that I wasn’t a junior rider with her own horses, but I can say now, thanks to Laura Beth, Carol Lee, and her staff, I have learned so much as an adult rider. I feel that I can adjust my riding to enhance the qualities of every horse that I get on, whether I am in or out of the show ring. Take my advice—riding with Laurel Crown Farms is a truly exceptional experience, which will build a confidence that carries into other facets of life. ​

–Elizabeth MacWilliam​, since 2011


  • Patti Riordan

    Hi do you have any beginning riding lessons available?
    Thank you
    Patti Riordan

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  • Maggie R

    I had taken many, many years off to pursue other interests and started back a few years ago at LCF. I have enjoyed every minute of this unique stable. I wanted personalized attention, a fun and learning atmosphere and being surrounded by very nice people in the process. I was not disappointed. Very happy in season, to be apart of the LCF community. Laura Beth is such an accomplished professional, and her staff is exemplary. Jay and Laura Beth provide a wonderful atmosphere for whatever level of rider is at their facility. Happy to be back for another year of enjoyment and learning ..

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